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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beely Eyelash Treatment: SG$14.90

As featured in Taiwan's beauty magazine!

Description: This Beely Eyelash Growth promises to lengthen ur eyelashes by at least 3mm. & up to 7mm.After 7 days of usage, users will realize that their eyelashes are more healthy,they don't fall off so easily like before.After 15 days their eyelaashes will be lengthen up to 3mm.After 28 days it can grow up to 7mm(depend on individual).It is the no.1 seller in Taiwan now.

Magazines don't fail to advertise it when it comes to eyelash tonic.=D

Usage: Apply twice daily.Once in the dae,once at night.U can apply it before apply mascara.

Size: 15ML

TO own this item, email Beely-eyelash growth: SG$14.90 as subject to
Used it for almost a month now everyday!! yes everyday! and i love the texture and feel of it.
Its light weight and this is the results of my lashes after using this eyelash growth product!
You got to love it!


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