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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beely Cleansing Oil: Removes makeup: SG$24

Description: This cleansing oil make use of natural ingredients that allow to deep cleanse ur pores and remove every little trace of make up.Its natural ingredients helps to leave moisture on the face and remove all dirts without clogging pores

  1. Deep cleansing
  2. Anti oxident
  3. Anti aging
  4. moisturising
  5. Beauty detox

24%-remove dead skin and blackheads

23% improve ance problem

14% shrink pore

8% brighten complexion

7% others including dark circles and fine lines
Direction: Pump twices and massage in cicular direction on face(without wetting the face) for around 30 seconds,add a little water n continue massaginf for 10 seconds. Then rinse off with warm water n follow by ur normal cleanser

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